Needed – Net Support

Our Friday evening net at 7:30 is doing better, thanks to all who send out the reminders, and those taking the time to check in.  It’s much more than just checking in and leaving, as we often share information about club activities.  As we continue to grow, our net will be very important not only to  us, but Cherokee County and surrounding counties as well.  It’s also important to support other nets as well with our check ins.   At the bottom of this post will be a link to many SC nets, (some may be inactive).  Use this to determine where you can check in and support the nets as much as you can.

Other than our net, at the top of the list should be Spartanburg ARES net each Thursday at 7:30 on 147.315 (+ /pl 123.0).  We’ve been working very close with them and hopefully will even more in the future, so please try to check in.

The 146.61 (+ / no pl) net each night at 9pm is a great net to be active with.  They have excellent net controls and check in procedures.  Just listening to them is a great learning tool.

Another excellent repeater with a net is 146.955 (- / no pl) Burnsville, NC (KF4LCG).  Anyone traveling into the NC area would likely find this to be an excellent repeater to monitor.  I’ve been able to use the repeater with just a small vertical homebrew antenna.  Everyone is very welcoming and encourage the use of that repeater.  They also have a net, however it is the same time as ours, Friday evenings at 7:30.  Still try to check in when you can.

Many others can be found that are not in the link below.

ARRL South Carolina Section

73 de KR4NO

Winter Field Day 2018

This will be CARES first time participating in WFD.  Jim (KI4MJK) has secured a location at Grassy Pond FD.  We still have details to work out, but listen up on the repeater or catch the make-up meeting to get more information.

Rules are similar with a few variations and can be read on the WFD website at

Pack your gear and get ready to operate, at least for a while to enjoy the fun of Winter Field Day.  This is a great exercise to plan for and refine emergency operations, which we could be called upon to perform any time.

This may be your chance to operate a new mode of communication, try out equipment, help set up antennas, or just come by to chat.  Everyone is welcome.

Anyone Needing Help ?

Anyone needing help getting your station set up and on the air?  Many of us would be glad to help.

  • Pull up a wire for HF
  • Put up a vhf/uhf antenna
  • Help install a radio in your vehicle
  • Assist with operating a new band or mode
  • Logging contacts
  • Contesting / Special Events
  • Setting up QRZ / Log Book of The World

Everyone has different interest, so we may have to find someone to help, but, don’t put it off.  Ask for help and we’ll do our best.  As you grow in the hobby, so do we, and it make things so much more fun when we’re in it together.

tnx de KR4NO


Get Your QRZ Page Now

Now’s a great time to start or update you QRZ page. Wondering how to do this? It’s easy. Go to and follow the menu across to CONTACT and click that. You’ll see HELP DESK, click that and you’ll be taken to a page where new users can register.
Why should you register ? You can build your personal Biography page detailing your activities in radio hobby. Add pictures and links to you favorite site. Use the logbook to record you contacts and receive awards to post and purchase certificates. Add details for your location that others use when contacting and logging a contact with you.
There are many other features on the QRZ site to assist in operating, project building, buying, selling, etc..
QRZ offers many of these feature FREE, upgrade for a small fee and receive many upgraded features.
If you need assistance give us a call and we’ll be glad to help.

tnx de KR4NO

“Introduction To Ham Radio” Class Upcoming

CARES would like to announce an upcoming Introduction to Ham Radio Class that will start in mid January. This class will be available free of charge to anyone interested and led by an ARRL instructor.

This is your chance to learn more about the Amateur Radio hobby and how you can experiment, make contacts throughout the world with voice, and digital modes. Also, you can give back to your community by joining your local Amateur Radio Emergency Services also known as ARES.

Dates will be made as soon as possible and posted here. In the meantime you can contact any club member for more information.

South Carolina ARES Information

Members are urged to visit the South Carolina ARES website during Local, State, National emergencies.

Information on any incident that will have an effect on this region can be found there, as well as ARES nets including times and frequencies

Area DEC, EC, and AEC contacts are available. As ARES members it is our responsibility to to know the facts and situations that may affect our county as well as our state. If you have any questions please contact Randall Phillips (N4JRP) or Jim Fagan (KI4MJK)

Thanks for you continued support.

WINLINK for Emergency Situations

Recently I installed Winlink Global Radio Email and was amazed by the function and results of this program.

For those of you that don’t know what WINLINK is, I will try and explain it on a basic level since that’s how my mind works or better yet this is from the front-page of their web site.

Winlink Express (formerly RMS Express) is the preferred Winlink radio email client because it supports all new system features, including the Winlink Hybrid Network and Secure Login to help prevent unauthorized access to your account. Winlink Express is designed to be easily used by single users with a single call sign but it may also be used to simultaneously send and receive mail with one or two tactical addresses or alternate Winlink accounts. It supports a wide selection of transceivers, TNCs and multimode controllers, the sound card mode WINMOR using the (included) WINMOR virtual TNC, HF Pactor, SCS Robust Packet, VHF/UHF AX.25 packet radio, and direct telnet to CMS servers or RMS Relay (for amateur radio High Speed Multimedia [HSMM], Broadband HamNet, D-Star DD mode, internet, and other TCP/IP networks).”

That being said, WINLINK is an awesome tool that can be used during a emergency/disaster situation. I understand that we have radio communications at our disposal, but the ability to send email information to any relief agency is crucial and a tool that we should not overlook.




Don’t forget the Solar Eclispe QSO party on August 21st.

As most of you know there will be a solar eclipse on August 21st that reaches from Oregon to South Carolina. Did you also know that there will be a QSO party from 1400 – 2200 UTC?

This months QST magazine (P-94) will explain how the party will work including rules and scoring. Not only will it be another contest to participate in, it  will also contribute to the study of the ionosphere…one of the largest studies ever.

If you join in you are asked to upload your logs to

CW, Digital, Phone contacts are all welcome.

I look forward to this and all operators that have time should join in if only for an hour or so.

Additional information can be found at

ARRL Solar Eclipse 

HamSCI Site

ARRL Field Day 2017 Limestone College

This year’s ARRL Field day will be held at Limestone College in Gaffney, South Carolina.

The public is invited to attend … in fact we encourage it! The event will start at 1:00 pm The club plans to operate two HF stations and one digital HF station during the event. If you’ve ever been interested in Amateur radio this will be a perfect place for you to learn and participate. Hope to see you there!

What is Field Day? Read below….

Field Day is ham radio’s open house. Every June, more than 40,000 hams throughout North America set up temporary transmitting stations in public places to demonstrate ham radio’s science, skill and service to our communities and our nation. It combines public service, emergency preparedness, community outreach, and technical skills all in a single event. Field Day has been an annual event since 1933, and remains the most popular event in ham radio.

More information can be found here

Welcome from WX4SC

Welcome to the new WX4SC Club website. We are a small club located in Cherokee County SC. This website will be our depository for all club information and updates. I hope you fine it useful.